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Beloved by celebs and their impossibly chic offspring, Tel Aviv-based brand nununu positions kids as the future of their own world, potential adults with intellectual depth and creative vision. The brand’s minimalist-leaning designs, neutral color palette and gender-fluid philosophy rebels against what we normally think of as kid stuff. No faeries, cartoon animals or rainbow colors. nununu is the brand that dresses kids in black. Because black is promising, a blank slate ready to be filled with ideas.

We created an intelligent, irreverent brand voice for nununu, sans super heroes and princesses, full of imagination and deadpan humor. Sweeping philosophical beliefs blend with barbs about the indignities of parenthood, letting eCommerce shoppers know that here, they and their kids are safe from stereotypes and ridiculousness. In story-rich product descriptions and key site copy, high-mindedness meets laid back vibes for a fashionable attitude that pleases parents and kids alike.


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