eCommerce Copywriting


The right words create sustained sales and lasting loyalty.



Online shopping isn't merely about convenience anymore.


Much like stepping into the branded environment of a brick-and-mortar store, visiting an eCommerce site on desktop or mobile should be an immersive, enjoyable encounter, rich with information, inspiration and unexpected discovery. A clean interface and gorgeous visuals are only impactful alongside intriguing stories and a strong, consistent brand voice underpinning the entire experience.

We provide comprehensive eCommerce copywriting packages that stay on brand from navigation and home page headlines to rich editorial pages, 404 error messages, and checkout language. From top to bottom, we guide the user through a distinctive shopping adventure that balances the dual goal of immediate conversion and lifetime brand love. 




Product Description

Behind every product, there is a story that needs to be told. Meanwhile, the customer wants specifics—measurements, details, fit and feel. We create SEO-optimized, editorial-style product descriptions that entertain and inform, while extending the brand experience.


Editorial Content

Content is king, it's true. From homepage stories to blog posts, editorial pieces offer incredible value to the brand and the customer. They can enhance transparency with insidery product stories, flaunt celebrity and influencer love and inspire shoppers with styling tips and lifestyle coverage. And that's not even to mention the SEO benefits.


Transactional Copy

We think of every point of contact as an opportunity to extend the brand experience. A mundane transaction can actually be a priceless opportunity to get closer to your customers. We take traditionally tedious copy moments like error messages and shopping cart instructions and turn them into unique, brand-building interactions.


Email and Social Campaigns

If you really want to get the most out of your eCommerce site, you need to support it on every available platform. We can create omnichannel marketing copy that combines thematic blog and web content with corresponding email newsletters, mobile app copy and social media presence—all in a consistent, yet platform-appropriate brand voice.



Packages & Fees


Suited for medium-sized eCommerce ventures, a powerful copy and content program with serious impact on sales and brand affinity.

$10,000 — $25,000

An extensive copy and content experience for immersive digital shopping destinations, including supporting editorial, email and social campaigns.

$25,000 and up

A basic branded copy package for simple, low-SKU eCommerce sites.

$3,000 — $8,000


Does your brand need elegant eCommerce copywriting?