Brand Voice Strategy


Speak so that people know exactly who you are, before you even tell them, every time, everywhere.



What makes Apple sound clever? Why is Reformation so good at sarcasm? How does Vice know exactly when to push your buttons?


There are reasons, beyond strong design and desirable product, why iconic brands are instantly recognizable and very much themselves at all times. A lot of it has to do with the way they communicate their values, not just by the stories they tell, but by how they tell them.

There are methods for this, principles and rules that branch out from the core of the company to every platform and point of contact. In brand communication, ruthless consistency is the order of the day. Developing and implementing a brand voice is best done meticulously, systematically, with great care.

We can help you drill down into your brand values, analyze your target audience and evaluate your business goals to formulate an ownable lexicon that befits both your philosophical foundation and your vision for the future. 

We call this brand voice strategy, and it will catalyze your success. 


The Benefits


fuels instant conversion and brand affinity over time.

enhances the brand experience, every time youraudience interacts with your brand.

creates intimacy between your brand andits audience.

that speaks to your audience in a languagethey understand.

to support your creative and business goals.

exactly how your brand should speak to the world.



How it works.

Understanding your brand voice requires more than intuition on the part of the company founders and employees. It involves working to gain a deep understanding of the desired relationship between the brand and its public, as distinguished from its competitors, then implementing a set of principles that nurture that goal. This way, everyone communicating for the brand, from the CEO down to the lowliest intern, is clear on the agreed-upon tone of voice. The effect grows exponentially as the public catches on to the brand attitude and begins to speak naturally about the brand as if its promise were second nature. 

How we execute it.

We get to know your brand. We get to know your customers. We get to know your competitors. We evaluate and differentiate. We look for inspiration in your industry, in other industries, in Beyoncé lyrics, Stranger Things episodes, Instagram cat memes, dead philosophers' treatises—wherever we can find examples of impactful ways to communicate. We tie the themes we see out in the world to your unique creative and business goals, so that your customers feel the way they're supposed to feel when they interact with your company and your products. We position your brand voice strategically with respect to your market and your audience, their interests, your interests and the interests of the universe.

How we deliver it.

Based on our findings, we define a verbal personality and give you concrete rules for how it should be implemented, according to platform, situation and case. We tell you how long your sentences should be, how to address social media queries and write email subject lines, what words you should and should not use. We can even make up words for you to use. And that is just the beginning. Over time, as your company changes, as the market shifts and the world moves into new eras, we regularly check back in to re-evaluate how your brand voice is working for you. Brand voice strategy is a living, breathing thing, a force that evolves over time, a powerful tool that grows with you.


Packages & Fees


A deep dive into your competitive set and creative goals that produces a solid brand positioning platform and robust brand voice strategy.

$10,000 — $25,000

For brands with extensive communication needs and/or global reach, a detailed central strategy with platform-specific offshoots.

$25,000 and up

A basic competitive audit and differentiating strategy yields a well-defined brand voice that sets the tone for all future messaging.

$3,000 — $8,000


Would you like to explore the reverberating benefits of brand voice strategy?