Every NYC girl has her own thing, but what they all have in common is that hustle. From Brooklyn, to SoHo, to Midtown, there are women making it work, and looking gorgeous all the while. That's why handbag source Botkier exploded in 2003 with the Trigger bag, an icon of accessible luxury that got the go-girls out the door with everything they needed to dominate the world. 

More recently, the brand launched a footwear line based on the principle of never sacrificing style for mobility. We developed an updated voice based on the ever-in-motion ethos of the evolving lifestyle brand, and then leaked it slowly into blog content and eCommerce copy as fresh product arrived for S/S 2017.

The ongoing story reveals the products and pro tips that take the Botkier girl from Coachella, to the Hamptons and anywhere in the world she wants to go. Which, let's be honest, is absolutely everywhere.