Bunnies aren't here for your entertainment.


I don’t like dogs. They are loud, slobbery attention whores and I’m allergic to them anyway. Cats are cool and I respect their aloof pursuit of high drama, but I’m even more allergic to them than dogs. Breathing disruption allergic. Hospital allergic. Please keep your dogs and cats away from me. They’re basic and they’re everywhere and it’s alienating.

Now rabbits, I like. And I like them not just because they’re beautiful, but because they’re mysterious and anxious and humorous. They don’t suffer fools gladly. People think they are “not good pets,” which is awfully judgey and human-centric. It’s also wrong. Rabbits make amazing pets.

I know because I had one for 14 years. His name was Ronaldo. He had a cool grey velveteen coat, with white paws and a stripe on his face. He looked like Bugs Bunny or the bunny head emoji. Which is to say, he was iconic. He had a rich inner life and a great love for carrots. Rabbits are obsessed with carrots. It’s a true stereotype. As for his longevity, yes, it is a long time for a rabbit to live. But did you know that rabbits can easily live 10+ years if they are loved and cared for? And do you know what it means to care for a rabbit?

Lover, Venus and me.

What would happen if you bought a puppy as a novelty item for a child who couldn’t properly take care of it? What if that dog were left in a cage in the backyard, exposed to the elements, taunted by predators and rarely allowed out for exercise and social interaction? It wouldn’t be such a great pet either. It would be withdrawn, miserable and mean. It would probably die prematurely, of disease and depression.

R.I.P. Ronaldo 2004-2018

R.I.P. Ronaldo 2004-2018

Most people wouldn’t think of doing that to a dog. And yet, people do it to rabbits by the thousands. Every year at Easter time, bunnies are treated like novelty toys. I’ve been banned from commercial flights because I had Ronaldo with me in his carrier, totally quiet, not bothering a soul, but I can’t walk into a shop, café or boardroom without a dog pawing my legs. Why do we treat some animals like humans and others like trash? Dog privilege is real.

Ronaldo went to bunny heaven (it’s just all carrots up there) last spring, just as we began work on the C. Black Content web site and rebrand. I thought if I could bring bunnies into the iconography of this agency, then I could immortalize Ronaldo and expose the injustice of our dog-centric culture at the same time.

So we partnered up with Lejla Hadzimuratovic, founder of Bunnyworld Foundation and certifiable Crazy Rabbit Lady. She provided three fabulous models for our photo shoot: Venus, Lolita and Lover Jr. And so for the past year, these gorgeous souls have graced our web site, social media content and newsletters. They’ve added just the right touch of chic eccentricity to our ethos while raising awareness about rabbit rights. Rabbits are fashion, we always say.

This will be my first Easter without Ronaldo, but through Bunnyworld, I have an unlimited amount of rabbit friends. All of them are up for adoption. If you’re interested in experiencing true bunny love, please contact Lejla and she’ll make you a match.

 Just be prepared for a decade or more of rabbit attitude.

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