Blondes have more fun hair products.


Dirty, honey, dark, platinum. Blonde is not a color, it is a spectrum. It’s not a look, it’s a lifestyle. And it is with that kind of duly epic attitude our friends at Kérastase approached the business of creating a line of hair care products that give life to the modern fake blonde—with all the gravity and precision such an ambitious task requires.


The idea was simple enough: Let’s take the risk out of going blonde. Most women have wanted to be blonde at one point or another. Some of us have taken the full platinum plunge. Others just went in for a few babylights. But all of us experienced the nerves that came with this beauty rite of passage. Will the tone be right? Will it work for my complexion? Will it destroy my hair? Will my hair actually fall out…?


When it comes to going blonde, the struggle is real. Which is why Kérastase created Blond Absolu. The French heritage luxury line’s first dedicated blonde care range, based on a classic product, purple shampoo. With amped-up formulas and modern textures, the line keeps blonde hair healthy and tone-correct, so anyone can go blonde with abandon and know that Kérastase has her back on the other side. Hence the tag line: YOU DARE, WE CARE


It was our exquisite pleasure to create a package of inspiring, educational content around Blond Absolu and its poster girls, the nine-strong collective of independent women with the courage go faux blonde. Models, influencers, artists and all-around amazing women from all over the world, each has her own blonde look, and her own story about what being blonde means to her. Their concerns, their deepest blonde desires, inspired this ultimate range for the modern blonde.

Follow along with us, Kérastase and the Blonde Collective, as we roll out the stories, tips, tricks and, yes, products that help bad blonde bitches stay shining, always.

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