When your client is accused of Satanism for encouraging children to be individuals.

A lot of crazy things happen when celebrities venture into business deals outside of their industries. This is a new one. For me, at least.

When C. Black Content client nununu unveiled célinununu, a new children’s clothing line in partnership with Céline Dion, critics claimed the clothes were dangerous and demonic. I admit I was surprised when nununu told me they were partnering with the diva on a new brand of children’s clothing, but this, I did not see coming.

Of course, nununu is beloved by celeb parents and has been for years, so the collab does makes sense. Céline has become quite the fashion figure in recent years. She’s a mom and she’s interested in individuality and expression, so... okay it’s weird, but that’s what I love about nununu. They keep you guessing. And they let us write hilarious copy about how freaking challenging it is to stay cool when you have kids, and how they can be little shits and mindblowing beings at the same time. Kids are iconic, is the message.

Since I am a known proponent of anything upscale goth, I loved nununu’s dark aesthetic instantly when I began working with them in 2015. They’re a brand that refuses to treat children like adorable little idiots and dress them so they look like a rainbow threw up on them. They produce amazing avant-garde cuts in minimalist black and other neutrals as a symbol of innocence, complexity and purity, and they don’t push gender-specific garbage.

I personally think of children as potential adults, visionaries, intellectuals even. I don’t think it’s a great idea for the future of our planet to dress them in colors that indoctrinate them into arbitrary gender roles while they’re still learning to think for themselves.

Céline Dion agrees. But maybe not all of her fans do. Because when the line debuted last month, it caused a bit of a backlash among fringe fundamentalists. An exorcist priest called the brand “satanic” among an avalanche of other alarmist theories. Céline is the Illuminati, and she’s partnering with a “globalist organization” (nununu is based in Tel-Aviv) to poison our children. The designs are demonic, displaying symbols like skulls, eyes and crosses (the brand’s logo features a plus sign.) Dressing children in gender-neutral clothes is “evil” and will “confuse” them. Oh, and nununu designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg are witches.

“Unless you’re a member of the Addams family or a Satantic cult, why would you dress your infant in this?” asked an exasperated Fox News anchor.

Maybe because some people aren’t uptight, backwards creeps who take everything as a sign of the End of Days? But that’s the lesson here. Célinununu is going to appeal to its rightful audience, the parents who believe in intellectual freedom for their children. The rest won’t get it, but it was never for them anyway.

Sometimes our clients ask us to tone down their messaging so it won’t alienate anyone. They tell us their brand is for “everybody,” and they worry about offending “soccer moms.” But if you aim to please everyone, you end up attracting no one. Nununu understands this so well.


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