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We work with exceptional clients to create elegant messages that connect brands with the world. With a special focus on brand voice strategy and copywriting for fashion, luxury, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle products, we help innovative and iconic companies communicate with clarity and charisma at every turn.  

Obnoxiously elegant.

Hyper-luxury footwear brand Buscemi is a complete oxymoron, simultaneously obsessed with high fashion and low culture. We created a delicately arrogant lexicon that honors the exquisite tension between chic and street.


Our founder talks to the Glossy+ Podcast.

On crafting an effective brand voice in the age of emojis and edginess. 


One of our favorite sources of scoops on the lightning-paced worlds of luxury, fashion and tech is the Digiday spinoff We talk to them from time to time about our impressions of what's going on in the sleek, chaotic world of pushing glamorous product via smartphones and such. Recently, our founder Cristina Black called in to their Glossy+ Podcast to talk to editor Jill Manoff and share her insights on profanity and eggplant emojis, among other things. Listen and share!

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